Vorarlberger Riebelmais-Whisky

What we taste:
The Riebelmais Whisky is made from 100% regional white corn. It is cask aged in new oak casks, and finished in Sherry casks.

A sweet nose of freshly harvested corn, vanilla flavours and gentle oak aromas rise from the glass. On the palate develops a light and delicate creamy, sweet and fruity taste, alongside rich and weighty roasted oak notes with vanilla.

What the experts say:
"There are pronounced sweet aromas, with kernels of cooked corn and potato scones. Fruity, clean-cut, and refreshing lemon sherbet and light butterscotch, but the sweetness is kept in check, even with a cream and sugar finish. A handsome introduction." (Summer 2014) Reviewed by: Jonny McCormick. Whisky Advocate

And most important - What do you taste?

Riebelmais Whisky

Prices Riebelmais Whisky

0,70 l, incl. packaging 58,- EUR
0,35 l, incl. packaging 30,- EUR
50 ml 6,- EUR
42% Vol.  
Prices incl. 20% VAT. Requests/Orders can be sent to office@broger.info

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