Distiller's Edition 59.3 Whisky Malaga Cask, cask strength

Single Cask Whisky Malaga

Slow Down and relax. When tasting this Distiller's Edition you should take your time and enjoy each single sip for a long time. Only then, you will feel the explosion of flavours on your tongue.

Selected Whiskys like the Distiller's Edition59.3 are bottled as a limited edition with its cask strength (59,3% Vol in this case). The raw material is barley malt, cask aged in a Malaga barrel.

Breath in the rich and complex multi-layered nose of the 59.3. Chocolate, wooden notes  alongside intensive dried fruits and raisins characterize this whisky, which gains lots of its taste from the Malaga cask. The palate is rich, powerful and shows swirling aromas, it has an enduring sweet finish.

The distiller's edition may be enjoyed in cask strength or varied with some drops of water to find the requested strength. The different alcohol content varies the smell and taste of the Whisky - Have a taste!



Distiller's Edition 59.3 Whisky

Price Distiller's Edition 59.3

0,70 l, incl. packaging 84,- EUR
59,3% Vol.  
Prices incl. 20% VAT. Requests/Orders can be sent to office@broger.info

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