Slow down and relax...

When tasting Whisky, Eau de Vie and Gin you should take your time and enjoy each single sip for a long time. Only then, you will feel the explosion of flavours on your tongue.

Broger…dedicated and devoted to indulgence

With our burning passion for appreciative spirits, we create homemade whiskies and spirits, which will convince you with variety, expressivity and intensity of aromas. The goal is to collect and preserve the uniqueness and the affluence of each fruit and grain type: Starting with an enticing scent, tasting a full aroma profile on the palate and closing in a powerful long finish.

Delight your senses with high proof relish.


Burn Out is the World Whisky of the Year 2014

We are proud to announce: The leading American whisky magazine „Whisky Advocate“ honours Broger Burn Out Whisky with the award for the World Whisky of the Year. It is only the second time this prize goes to a European distillery.

A dream comes true. It is a great honour and a huge motivation, that this award goes to our small distillery and our distinctive Burn Out Whisky.

World Whisky of the Year 2014 - Whisky Advocate